Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ludicrous Spending Habits

This past week I've been looking around this here internet for deals on designer jeans and find myself quite conflicted. On one hand, there are some great discounts available on pre-owned jeans if you look around. On the other hand, the prices I have found for brand new jeans are ridiculous. Seriously? $350 for a pair of designer jeans? There are so many other things that I think of that I could spend that kind of money on before I think about jeans, or even clothing in general.

Now, I'm not the sort of woman that thinks she will look like a movie star after shopping at the thrift store. I'm commonsensical. I am well aware that in order to look fabulous, you're usually going to have to pay for it. That is fine with me. But like I'm sure most people probably do, I have my limit points. And my spending budget for one stinkin' pair of designer jeans most certainly is not even in the ballpark of $300+.

Who the heck doesn't mind paying that much? Not me, says I. But I guess all of us are guilty of having stuff we spend a little more than others perhaps do. It depends on your priorities. For myself, I like eating out at semi-expensive restaurants. I understand it's only a temporary experience and you cannot take something away from it (with the exception of stomach pains), but to me it's totally worth it. It's just one of the few things I enjoy very much, and I do not mind paying a premium for a really good din-din. Know what I mean?

Once upon a time I had a roomate that would spend $200 (plus tip) each and every time she had her hair done, and she did that once a month. In my opinion, that is insane. To her, it was a necessity that absolutely could not be compromised.
Yet another friend of mine used to hate doing dishes so much that she would simply toss them out after they were used once and then she would go purchase new dishes. Probably sounds silly to most people, but to her it seemed perfectly rational. Granted, we're not talking about expensive dishes, but still. Evidently she hadn't ever heard of paper plates. The hilarious part is I totally remember having this exact conversation with her once about how laughable it is that certain people pay such ridiculous amounts for freakin' jeans. Laughable, I say!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do you love it?

Because I do. But, of course, just because I love it doesn't meant that you in turn have to love it. However, I do strongly suggest that you at least consider loving it. Do we have an agreement?

Now, I know what you're thinking, "What is it?" Well, unfortunately, I cannot answer that particular question for you. In fact, the only one that can satisfy your query is the band, Faith No More.

Put two and two together, people.